If you have an accident, immediately stop driving and perform the following.

(1) Seek help for anyone that is injured.
Once anyone injured has been helped, promptly move the rental vehicle to a location away from traffic.
(2) Please contact the police from there (call 110).
Both the perpetrator and victim are required to notify the police. A certificate of an accident will be required at a later date, so please go through with the necessary process.
(3) Please contact your rental outlet from there.
If your rental outlet is closed, please contact the following phone number.

“Sompo Japan Insurance” Accident Report Center (Toll free: 0120-256-110)

*It will be handled as an accident regardless of the size of the damage or whether anyone else is involved.
*The loanee (driver) is liable for damages under the law.
*It will not be covered by insurance if the necessary procedures are not followed.

If your rental vehicle breaks down:
If you feel there is a problem with the vehicle, please contact your rental outlet.
If your rental outlet is not open, please contact the nearest 24 hour Nissan Rent a Car outlet.« »