As a rule, we require a credit card for payment.
When renting the vehicle, you will pay the rental fee according to the hours in the agreement. Additional costs will be added to your bill upon your return such as overtime, cost of gas, equipment usage, sales tax, etc. The following payment methods are available.
A credit card is required for payment for the following classes: P8 and P9 classes, PH8 – PHX classes, E5 class, WH4 class, and W6 class.
The following classes can be paid in cash: P0 – P6 classes, PH2 class, W4 class, RV0 and RV1 classes.
A credit card is also required for payment for other classes, as a rule.
*An authorization will be placed on your credit card when picking up the vehicle, as a rule. The payment will be made upon return.

If paying with cash:
You will need to present your driver’s license in addition to one of the following documents.
(1) Nissan Rent a Car membership card (Nissan Rent a Car Business Card / 23 Bonus Club Card)
(2) Health insurance card
(3) Student / Employee ID card (with photo)
(4) Passport
(5) Receipt for a public utility, etc. to confirm your current address (issued within the last two months)
(6) Pension book
(7) Basic resident register card
(8) Special permanent resident certificate
(9) Residence card
If you are not a member of Nissan Rent a Car, we will also confirm your cell phone calls.
*The following classes can be paid in cash: P0 – P6 classes, W2 – W5 classes, RV0 and RV1 classes, M class, V class, C class and T class
*The 23 Bonus Club Card you receive when becoming a member on the same day cannot be used as identification.« »