About GPS Navigation

We offer GPS(Sound guidance and display in English) If you intend to use GPS, please request it for equipment when you reserve a vehicle.
It is calculated to search the destination by also MAP-CODE.

The scope of Response

1.Display of operation Key for NAVI MENU and other MENU
(setting the destination etc.)


Searching Destination(Map search)Searching Destination(Map search)

Searching Destination(Phone Number search)Searching Destination(Phone Number search)

2.Sound guidance for driving

It sounds guidance in English after setting the destination.


Only display in Japanese and Japanese road signs on map because of making a comparison between displayed sign and practical one.

Searching the destination by using MAP-CODE

GPS(English and Japanese) are equipped with searching by MAP-CODE(standard code)

Input MAPCODE Number


Navigation Manual

The outlet where you pick a rental vehicle up could offer summarily manual in English for you.
Please inquire for it when you reserve a vehicle.