2. Rent-a-Car Guide
  3. How Rental Coverage Works
Rent-a-Car Guide

The Process of Renting a Car

How Rental Coverage Works

An illustrated guide to rental car insurance coverage.

Major Coverage

For more detailed information about our insurance and coverage system, click here.

Non-Operation Charge (NOC)

The customer will be subject to the following charge as part of compensation for non-operation of the vehicle while it is being repaired

In case the rented vehicle is returned (driven back) to the designated shop. ¥20,000
In case the rented vehicle is not returned (driven back) to the designated shop. ¥50,000
  • *Non-operation charge must be borne even if the customer has applied to Collision Damage Waiver and paid the fee.

Vehicle can be driven

Vehicle requires towing

NOC Support plan

If you participate in the NOC Support plan when you reserve a vehicle or sign a rental agreement, Fees imposed on the Non-Operation Charges (NOC) will be waived.

If you want to acceptable only to the NOC support plans. 540 JPY
If you want to subscribe to both the Nissan Safety Support Plan ("NAS") and Collision Damage Waiver Plan. 324 JPY

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