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Rent-a-Car Guide

The Process of Renting a Car

Pick Up

When picking up the rental vehicle, the following procedures must be followed.

Items to Prepare

Driver's License for All Drivers

Driver's License for All Drivers

The driver's license of every person who will drive must be shown (a driving license or permit valid in Japan).
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We will need to check your passport.
ETC Card

ETC Card

Rather than the outlets listed below, we fail to offer ETC card rental service. Please make sure to bring ETC card by yourself.
Besides, outlets offering ETC card rental service are limited to the outlets as follows.

[Outlets offering ETC card rental]
Click here for ETC card handling store.

[ETC card rental requirements]
・324yen per rental transaction
・Credit card payment only
・You're able to drop off at different outlet.
(Excluding non-handling stores.For details, please contact the following telephone number.)
・Maximum rental period per rental transaction is within 2 weeks
・A limited number of ETC cards are available, please inform us for the request upon booking
Use of a Vehicle Equipped with an ETC Unit Click for instructions on how to use ETC
Having a Valid Driver's License Click for further information on driver's licenses valid in Japan

Valid Types of Driver's Licenses

One of the following types of driver's licenses is required to drive a car in Japan.

  1. A Japanese driver's license
  2. An International Driving Permit issued by a country that is party to the Convention on Road Traffic (Geneva Convention)
  3. Foreign driver's license issued by a country with whom Japan has a bilateral agreement (a certified Japanese translation issued by an authorized organization must be attached to the license.)

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Use of a Credit Card to Rent a Vehicle As a rule, only a credit card will be accepted for payment.

The Car Rental Process

The Car Rental Process

When you arrive to pick up the location, give your reservation details to the staff.

The Car Rental Process

A staff member will prepare the car for you and show you how to use it.

The Car Rental Process

Look over the car together with the staff member.

About Drive a Car in Japan (How to Video)

Now you're ready to go! Drive safely!

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