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# Japan Camping Outdoor Experience around Mt. Fuji Five Lake side with Nissan RENT-A-CAR

Car introduction


When this car came to the market,
This calm appearance and "TOUGH GEAR" TV advertisement
give a lot of people excitement!

Nissan's representative SUV, X-TRAIL,
is different from the first generation of model.

The appearance of this new generation is brand new and handsome lol.

Recently in Japan, there is X-Trail advertisement
having scene of driving through the nature; by the way,
it is just a pizza delivery commercial.

This X-TRAIL SUV is more likely for outdoor activities.
So it is a good choice for the people who like surfing, family skiing and camping!!!

Designed for outdoor activities 1

[Designed for outdoor activities 1]

X-TRAIL's seat is waterproof.
Whether it is dirty water, or seawater, or melting water of snow,
Easy rub it!

Designed for outdoor activities 2

[Designed for outdoor activities 2]

The rear seats can be flattened completely
Very spacious and comfortable for sit.
Perfect design!

[Spacious trunk space]

[Spacious trunk space]

Adequate storage space.
Totally no problem for one night two days camping.

spacious space

[Without moving the rear seats, there is a spacious space for storage!]

Spacious entrance, space for luggage of 3-4 people
For other models,
the trunk space will be easily filled by just few golf club sets.
A perfect SUV!

Inserted ETC card

[Inserted ETC card]

Positioning the destination by phone number

[Setting the destination by "phone number"]

Different models will be slightly different about the slot positions.
But most are located beneath the driver's seat or the co-pilot storage box.
Just looking around and you will see the card slot lol.

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