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# Japan Camping Outdoor Experience around Mt. Fuji Five Lake side with Nissan RENT-A-CAR

Mount Fuji

[Heading towards the mountain]

You know what, there is an awesome spot to take a representative shot on the way to Mt. Fuji
from Yamanashi.
How convenient to rent a car!
Okay!!!! We are coming!!!
The best view point of Mt. Fuji!!!
Let's go! X-TRAIL!

[No inaccessible destination]

What a convenient era nowadays!!
Just follow and trust the navigation,
it will bring us everywhere!!

Oh!!! No doubt we are immersed in the high-tech world unconsciously!

[Fuji Sengen Shrine]

Was built in AD705.
Together with the five-story pagoda
It is known as the best and holy view of Mount. Fuji!!

Oh!!! However,
we are not lucky enough today......

[Parking lot (?)]

Parking lot in the Temple
Come here for some fresh air and take some memorial shots!!!

{Fuji Sengen Shrine Information}
Address: 3353 Niikura, Fuji- Yoshida, Yamanashi
Tel: 0555-23-2001

Okay!!! Next!!!
Let's get closed to the Mount Fuji!!!
Camp site in front of Lake Shoji!

[Lake Shoji camp cottage]

Although Lake Shoji is the smallest one among Five Lakes,
it has the most beautiful scenery!!
You can see Mount Fuji from the front!
Okay!!! Today, our camp site and cottage is here!!!

Just 800 yen per person to enjoy this fantastic scenery!!

{Lake Shoji camp cottage homepage (Japanese)}

For the tent, you can rent here too!!
Let's have a convenient and comfortable trip then...


[Fantastic Mountain]

If weather is good, you can see the view even in midnight like the photo above.
Can't you imagine???
Mount Fuji, what a holy mountain!!!


Experience can't be bought by money!
Set the fire, stay relaxed...
Temporarily stay away from real life.
Am I playing the guitar? or the guitar is playing us??? lol

[Bright and shiny sky!]

Why we go for camping?
Number of stars in the sky!!!

[A dazzling morning]

Welcome another morning of our rent-a-car travel!!
What a nice weather!!

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