2. Rent-a-Car Guide
  3. Insurance and Coverage System Regulations
Rent-a-Car Guide

Rules concerning Insurance Coverage and Indemnification

Major Insurance Coverage System

In the event of an accident, you will be compensated up to the limit indicated in the table below, provided that the customer will be liable for all damages for which no insurance is applicable or all damages exceeding the maximum insurance amount limit.

  • Personal compensation Unlimited (including 30 million yen for Automobile Third Party Liability Insurance) per person
  • Property compensation 20 million yen (50,000 yen waiver) per accident
  • Vehicle compensation Current value of vehicle (waiver of 50,000 yen, but 100,000 yen for microbuses and trucks with a 1-number category) per accident
  • Personal injur y compensation When injured (including death and afteref fects) due to an accident while
    driving/riding a vehicle, such damage will be compensated. Maximum compensation amount is 30 million yen (per person).
  • ※For certain symptoms of 1st, 2nd, 3rd degree aftereffects requiring nursing care, the maximum compensation amount is 60 million yen.
  • ※Payment for personal compensation, property compensation and personal injury compensation will be settled in accordance with the criteria stipulated by the policy conditions of the enrolled insurance company.

For vehicle compensation, compensation will be paid as indicated above. Compensation is not applicable to ow fees. However, in the case of customers subscribing to NAS, Nissan Rent-A-Car will compensate up to a maximum of 100,000 yen (tax included).

Collision Damage Waiver

If you subscribe to C ollision Damage Waiver when making a rental vehicle reser vation or concluding the rental contract with us, you will be eligible for a waiver of deductible for damage. This waiver, however, does not apply to accidents involving a violation of the rental contract with Nissan Rent-a-Car or falling into the category of waiver accident under the provisions of non-life insurance company contracts, or accidents for which the police do not issue an official certificate.

  • ※For up to one month rental, 15-day fee is the maximum.
  • Collision Damage Waiver (Per Day Including Consumption Tax)
Collision Damage Waiver 1,296 yen (1,944 yen for PH9・PHX, 2,160 yen for M1, and 1,728 yen for T4・T5・T6)

Nissan Anshin Support Plan ("NAS") ※ Participation in this plan is optional.

If you subscribe to NAS when making a vehicle reser vation or signing the rental contract with us, we will provide the following ser vices to you in case you happen to encounter with any of the below-mentioned troubles or accidents:

1. If any tire on the rented vehicle is punctured Will refund related repairing expense.
2. If the battery dies Will refund related expenses for restarting the vehicle, including road service charge, when the battery has run down due to reasons such as having forgot to put off the light.
3. If you lock the ignition key in the vehicle Will refund related expenses for unlocking the doors, including road service charge, in case you have locked the doors with the key left within the vehicle by mistake.
4. If you suddenly change your schedule Will not charge related halfway cancellation fee even in the event that you return the vehicle anytime during the rental period.
※This service is not applicable in case the initial agreed rental period is twelve hours or less.
5. If you return the vehicle beyond the scheduled return time When a late return is anticipated due to traffic jam or other reasons, call in the service location where you picked up the vehicle by 1 hour prior to the scheduled return time and you'll be given 1-hour grace period.
※The grace period is applicable only during the return service hours of the location.
6. When transportation by a tow truck is necessary Will refund related expenses for transportation of the vehicle, including road service change, in the event that the vehicle has beome unable to run on its own , for reasons such as accidents or breakdowns. The destination repair garage will be a garage designated by the shop from which the vehicle was rented.
※Does not apply to tow fees incurred due to illegal parking
  • In the event of 1 - 3, Nissan Rent-A-Car will compensate 20,000 yen at maximum per rent.
  • ※The customer should pay the expenses regarding these incidents first and then provide the receipt to Nissan Rent-A-Car for reimbursement.
  • 4 and 5 are not applicable to pre-paid packaged services and coupons.
  • In the event of 6, Nissan Rent-A-Car will compensate 100,000 yen at maximum per rent.
  • ※In some cases, the method of reimbursement may be by bank transfer at a later date.
  • Personal Compensation: Limitless (including 30 million yen for Automobile Third Party Liability Insurance) per person.
  • Objective Compensation: Limitless (deductible amount: 50,000 yen) per accident.
  • Vehicle Compensation: Current price of the vehicle (deductible amount: 50,000 yen. In case of microbus or truck with “1” number plate, however, it’s 100,000 yen) per accident.
  • Personal injury compensation
    When injured(including death and after effects) due to an accident while driving/riding a vehicle,such damage will be compensated.
    Maximum compensation amount is 50 million yen (per person).
  • ※For prescribed symptoms of 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree aftereffects requiring nursing care, the compensation limit is 100 million yen.
  • ※Payment will be settled with actual costs accordingly to provisions of contract of its insurance company.
  • ※Nissan Anshin Support Plan (NAS) includes the above-stated compensations with the specific maximum amount insured by a ppropriate insurancesys tems. However, the secompens ationservice sarenot provided, if you have extended your rental period without obtaining prior consent from us.
  • ※You are responsible for any damage for which no insurance money nor compensation is paid or any damages exceeds the specific maximum compenstion amount.

NAS Subscription Fee (Per day including consumption tax)

Vehicle ClassNAS Participation Fee per Diem
Passenger cars, vans and trucks (Classes P, E, V, C, T and PH) 540 JPY
Wagons and RVs (Classes W and RV) 1,080 JPY
Micro Buses (Class M) 2,700 JPY

Non-Operation Charge (NOC)

The customer will be subject to the following charge as part of compensation for non-operation of the vehicle while it is being repaired

In case the rented vehicle is returned (driven back) to the designated shop. ¥20,000
Other than the above cases (vehicle cannot be driven back). ¥50,000
  • *Non-operation charge must be borne even if the customer has applied to Collision Damage Waiver and paid the fee.

Examples of damage where the vehicle can be driven

Examples of damage where the vehicle cannot be driven

NOC Support plan

If you participate in the NOC Support plan when you reserve a vehicle or sign a rental agreement, Fees imposed on the Non-Operation Charges (NOC) will be waived.

If you want to acceptable only to the NOC support plans. 540 JPY
If you want to subscribe to both the Nissan Safety Support Plan ("NAS") and Collision Damage Waiver Plan. 324 JPY

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