2. Rent-a-Car Guide
  3. Rules on other Subject Matters
Rent-a-Car Guide

Rules on other Subject Matters

Parking Violations for an Unattended Vehicle

Standard-sized vehicle 25,000 JPY
Medium- or large-sized vehicle 30,000 JPY

Medium- or large-sized vehicles:

CIVILIAN, ATLAS 2 t long, ATLAS 2 t aluminum, ATLAS 2 t power gate, ATLAS 3 t long, ATLAS 2 t long aluminum, ATLAS 3 t long aluminum, ATLAS 3 t power gate, CONDOR

  • Refund of Parking Violation Charges to You
    If, at any time after you pay our parking violation penalty to us, you pay the public penalty and present a traffic citation and a receipt for the public penalty to us, we will refund the parking violation charge to you. Such refunds will be done by remittance to a bank account designated by you, and any bank charges for that remittance shall be borne by you.
  • Measures to be Taken against Your Nonpayment
    If we cannot ascertain your payment of a public penalty and you fail to pay our parking violation charges to us, you will be registered in a system maintained by the All-Japan Rent-A-Car Association. Car rental companies that are members of the said Association may refuse to rent their vehicles to you.

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