Reservation Cancellation Fee

In the event of cancellation of reservation, the customer is charged a cancellation fee as stated in the table below.
Also, if there is no showing or contact more than one hour after the reserved time, the reservation is regarded as cancelled

7 or more days before your scheduled pick-up date

No charge

3 to 6 days before your scheduled pick-up date

20% of a basic charge

1 to 2 days before your scheduled pick-up date

30% of a basic charge

On or after your scheduled pick-up date

50% of a basic charge


The reservation cancellation fee shall be limited to a maximum of 6,600 yen
(after tax; 13,200 yen [after tax] if the vehicle rented to you is a micro bus).


Rental fee charged according to the number of rental hours is to be paid at the time of pick up.
Incidental charges such as the fees for overtime, gasoline, equipment usage, etc. as well as consumption tax are settled when returning the vehicle.
The following payment methods are available.

Please note that P8・P9 / PS8 / PH8・PH9・PHX / WH4 / W6 / E5 Class accepts credit card only. Payment by credit card is highly recommended and appreciated also for the vehicles of other classes.

Payment in cash

You are requested to present one of the followings in addition to your driver’s license.

  • (1)NISSAN RENT A CAR membership card (NISSAN RENT A CAR Business Card / 23 Bonus Club Card)
  • (2)Health Insurance Card
  • (3)Employee / Student ID Card (with your photo)
  • (4)Passport
  • (5)A document evidencing your present address (such as but not limited to a receipt for a public utility bill) within two months since issuance
  • (6)Pension Book
  • (7)Basic Resident Registration Card
  • (8)Special Permanent Resident Certificate
  • (9)Residence Card

Non-members of NISSAN RENT A CAR may receive a call from our staff on mobile at pick up for the purpose of validating the mobile number.


Vehicle Classes that accept cash payment : P0 – P6 / PH2 / PT0・PT5 / W2~W5 / RV0・RV1 / RH1 / M1 / V1 / C0~C2 / T0~T5 / WW0~WW5 Class Newly registered members of the 23 Bonus Club Card cannot use its membership card as a document in addition

Gasoline Cost

You are responsible for all gasoline costs.
You shall return the vehicle to us fully refueled at a gasoline station designated by us or located near to our office, or pay us the amount calculated in accordance with odometer reading.

Late Fee

If you extend the term of your rental agreement, you will be charged for such extension when you return the vehicle.
Note that, if you extend the term of your rental agreement without notifying us and obtaining our approval, a penalty will assessed in addition to the extended use of the vehicle.

Halfway Cancellation Fee

If you return the vehicle to us at any time before the expiration of the term of your rental agreement, we will refund you the unused portion of the basic charge. However, an appropriate halfway cancellation fee will be assessed.

Halfway Cancellation Fee
[(originally agreed-upon basic charge) - (basic charge for the period of actual use of the vehicle)] × 50%

* The early termination fee shall be limited to a maximum of 6,600 JPY (after tax; 13,200 JPY [after tax] if the vehicle is a micro bus).

One-Way Drop-off Fee

You may pick up the vehicle in one location and return it to a different location.
For example, you may pick up the vehicle in a Tokyo office and return it to a shop located near your home in Saitama.

Drop-off fees are assessed as per the following table according to the distance between the vehicle pick-up point and drop-off point.

Vehicle Class

Passenger cars, vans and trucks (Classes P, E, V, C and T),Wagons and RVs (Classes W and RV)

Not more than 20 kilometers


Not more than 50 kilometers

4,400 yen

More than 50 kilometers but not more than 100 kilometers

8,800 yen

For every 50 kilometers exceeding 100 kilometers

4,400 yen


Our one-way drop-off fee is calculated by a method established by us and based upon the distance along major routes between the pick-up and drop-off points.


Reserve a one-way drop-off car rental plan well in advance of your planned rental period. We may be unable to honor requests immediately prior to the start of your rental intentions.


To change the return location of the vehicle during rental, obtain the approval of our office where you picked up the vehicle.


If you return the vehicle to an unplanned location without our approval, you will be charged a penalty for unauthorized changes.


Micro buses (belonging to Class M) cannot be dropped off at different locations from where they are picked up.


In Hokkaido and remote islands, the one-way rental drop-off fee differs from above.


The inside of Hokkaido is the current street. Except for Hokkaido ⇔ Hokkaido, it is not allowed to use it.


For more details, ask at the office where you will pick up the vehicle.

4WD Fee

In case of 4WD vehicles, an additional fee of 1,650 yen including tax per day is charged.


For vehicle rentals of less than 1 month, the 4WD fee will be assessed up to a maximum of 15 days.

High Season Rate

With respect to all vehicle classes other than vans and trucks, a high season rate will apply to any rental that commences on any day (April 29 through May 5, July 20 through August 31,and December 28 through January 5).
For any rental that commences in any of the aforementioned periods, the high season rate will be charged for the whole rental term.

Passenger Cars (Classes P and E)

Additional 1,100 yen (after tax) per day

Wagons (Classes W, RV and M)

Additional 2,200 JPY(after tax) per day


In the Hokkaido region, the above Busy Season Charge is applied during the period of April 29 through May 5. Also, in the Hokkaido region a separately established special summer rate schedule is applied during the period of July 1 through August 31.


In the Okinawa region a separately established rate schedule is applied.


When a 23 BONUS CLUB member rents a vehicle subject to discount, the discount applies also to the Busy Season Charge.

Late Night Handling Fee

A late night handling fee in the amount of 1,100 JPY (after tax) will be assessed for vehicle pick-ups or returns at any time between 22:00 p.m. and 4:59 a.m.
If you both pick up and return the vehicle during the said hours, the amount of the late night handling fee will be 2,200 yen (after tax).
The late night handling fee is not reflected or included in quoted charges shown at the time of your internet reservation, and will be separately assessed at the office where you pick up or return the vehicle.

Other Special Fees

Separate fees are set for island areas (Rishiri Island, Rebun Island and Okinawa Prefecture) and overseas areas (Guam).
All other rules are based on the Terms and Conditions of Rental.

Table of Fees for Optional Equipment

Fees for Optional Equipment

Optional Equipment Unit Charge
Car navigation system
Per rental transaction

Free(for specifying Japanese GPS per set)

Free(for specifying English / Japanese GPS per set)

1,100 yen(for specifying English / Korean / Chinese / Japanese GPS per set)

Dashboard Camera Per rental transaction 330 yen(per set)
Sheet Per rental transaction 550 yen(per set)
Holding top
(for up to 2-ton long truck)
Per rental transaction 1,650 yen(per set)
Holding top
(for more than 2-ton long truck)
Per rental transaction 2,750 yen(per set)
Rope Per rental transaction 330 yen(per rope)
(for flat ground)
Per rental transaction 770 yen(per unit)
Optional Equipment Unit Charge
Standard tire chains Per rental transaction 1,650 yen(per pair)
Snow tires Per day 1,650 yen(per set of 4 tires)

Availability of optional equipment is limited, therefore reserve any optional equipment well in advance of your planned rental period. Some optional equipment may be unavailable.


Carry snowboards inside the vehicle.


All vehicles rented from our offices in Hokkaido, Tohoku, Nagano, Niigata and Hokuriku, between December and March will be equipped with snow tires as standard equipment. You need not choose those tires as optional equipment. (Under these circumstances, no surcharge will be assessed for snow tires.)

Child Seat Fee

Child seat 550 yen per diem(after tax)

Types of Child Seats

Common Name Baby's or Child's Approximate Height Baby's or Child's Approximate Weight Baby's or Child's Approximate Age

Baby seat


Baby seat 80cm or less 2.5-13kg Up to one and a half years old
Child seat 70-105cm 9-18kg 9 month old-4 years old

Junior seat

Junior seat

100-138cm 15-36kg 3-10 years old

Child seats are free of charge for Bonus Club member.


We can provide maximum two optional items per vehicle except 10seater.


For vehicle rentals of less than 1 month, the child seat fee will be assessed up to a maximum of 2.


Our baby seat and child seat are combined type.

Consumption Tax

The total rental charge (except for Non-Operation Charges) includes consumption taxes.