Varieties of petrol

In Japan, three types of petrol is represented by three different colors. Green (Diesel),Yellow (Hi-octane), Red (Regular).


Please don't make mistake by checking which type of petrol should be refillied in advance.

Varieties of petrol

Caution on Filling Up at Self-Service Gas Stations

Request from Nissan Rent-a-Car

Please be very careful when filling the gas tank to full.
Do not keep filling after the automatic cut-off point.
Tank overflow is a common problem at self-service gas stations!

How to Fill the Gas Tank Safely

At Nissan Rent-a-Car we fill the tank with gas by holding the nozzle lever all the way down and consider the gas tank to be full when the filling cuts off automatically.

Insert the nozzle into the tank as far as it goes.
1Insert the nozzle into the tank as far as it goes.

Grip the lever firmly and hold it all the way down.
2Grip the lever firmly and hold it all the way down.

Safety Point!
3Safety Point!Do not "top up"!When the filling cuts off automatically (lever snaps open), that completes the gas tank filling. Do not add any more.


The fuel gauge will sometimes drop slightly after starting the engine and rolling out, but if the above procedures are followed when filling the tank before returning the car, you don’t need to worry about how much gasoline is used after filling the tank.

If you are returning the car with the gas tank full and you go first to fill up at a full-service gas station, please take the extra step of asking the station attendant ahead of time to fill the tank only up to the automatic cut-off point.

Diesel Vehicles

Filling a vehicle with diesel fuel is more difficult than with ordinary gasoline, so for your own safety, please have the gas tank filled at a full-service gas station before returning the vehicle.

If you cannot find a full-service station, just return the vehicle and we will calculate the additional cost for gasoline based on the distance traveled.