Return Process

Fill the gas tank to full
1Fill the gas tank to full
When returning the rental vehicle, please return the vehicle with a full gas tank. A receipt is required showing the tank was filled.
* If you are not able to fill the gas tank, it can be calculated and paid at the outlet.

Arrival at the return outlet
2Arrival at the return outlet
Please let staff know when you arrive to return the rental vehicle.

Vehicle check
3Vehicle check
You will confirm the exterior of the vehicle and check for any scratches, etc. together with staff. Make sure nothing is left in the vehicle.

Please pay for any extensions or other services you may have received.

If you will be late in returning the vehicle or are returning it to a different outlet, please let the return outlet know as soon as possible.


If you have a parking violation while using the rental vehicle, you must comply with specified procedures when returning the vehicle.