Handling of Personal Information

1. Purpose of Use of Personal Information Handled by Our Company

1-1. How Personal Information is Used

Your personal information is used by our company in the following ways.


Management of contracts for rental cars and other products and services handled by our company (includes accepting reservations, exercising of rights, obligations or provision of services based on the contract, confirming the customer’s identity, contacting the customer, and answering customer inquiries).


Management of rental car members (corporate members and 23 Bonus Club members) (includes provision of services to rental car members, handling inquiries, etc.).


Handling of inquiries, etc. to our company (including contact from our company).


Creation of materials, etc. for our company’s business analysis.


Sending of printed advertisements, or information by phone or email regarding rental cars, other products and services, various events, campaigns, etc. handled by our company (referred to as “company products, etc.” below).


Market surveys concerning company products, etc. and the planning and development of products, etc.


Questionnaires to review the planning or development of company products, etc. or to improve the level of customer satisfaction.


Sending of printed advertisements, etc. for third party products and services from companies we commission work.


Screening and management of franchisees.


Anti-theft and safety management.


Employment management (including hiring) of employees, etc. and human resource management.


Provision to third parties. (Refer to 2-2 below for more information.)


Exercising of rights or obligations based on the agreement or laws.

1-2. Provision to Third Parties

Our company will provide personal data retained by our company to a third-party in the following instances.


When exchanging information between our company and franchisees, to extent required to rent vehicles and to provide services to rental car members.


When providing personal information to extent required to outsource certain tasks (not limited to computer operations, payment operations, customer management, handling customer inquiries, etc.) to a third-party upon taking measures to protect such personal information.


When providing via writing or electronic medium to the following destinations. However, provision to the following locations will be suspended via request.



Our company subsidiaries, affiliate companies or those who have concluded an agreement to provide information with our company.


Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Nissan Motor subsidiaries and affiliate companies, Nissan Financial Services Co., Ltd., and those who have concluded an agreement to provide information with them.

<Provision Details>

Information such as a customer’s name, address and contact information and information related to transactions with our company.


When disclosing information due to a request for disclosure based on provisions of laws or regulations. Also, when disclosing information based on our company’s determination of necessity to disclose personal information for the benefit of public welfare.


When providing information to the All Japan Rent-a-car Association that a rental lessee has not returned a rental car.

The information provided to the All Japan Rent-a-car Association will be used not only by the Association, but also by participating rental car associations in each prefecture and the member operators of such associations.


When providing information in association with business restructuring (mergers, corporate separation, transfer of operations, etc.) or transfer of debt.


When providing information with the consent of the customer.

2. Public Announcement of Matters Concerning Retained Personal Data Based on Article 24 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information

2-1. Name of the Business Operator Handling Personal Information

Nissan Car Rental Solutions Co., Ltd.

2-2. Purpose of Utilization of Retained Personal Data

List in 1.1 above “How Personal Information is Used”.

2-3. Requests to Disclose or Suspend Use of Retained Personal Data

A request for disclose can be submitted for the personal data retained by our company. (If the content of personal data retained by our company is found to be inaccurate or contain errors, measures will be taken to promptly correct or delete it.) Additionally, a request can also be made to suspend, etc. the use or provision of information in 1-1(5) - (8) and 1-2(3). The customer is responsible for any costs incurred as a result of this request.

Necessary Information Concerning Disclosure Applications for Personal Information (For Individuals and Legal Representatives) Necessary Information Concerning Disclosure Applications for Personal Information (For Voluntary Agents) Personal Information Disclosure Application (For Individuals and Legal Representatives) Personal Information Disclosure Application (For Voluntary Agents) Personal Information Disclosure Application Authorization (For Voluntary Agents) Necessary Information Concerning Requests to Suspend the Use of Retained Personal Data Petition to Suspend Use of Retained Personal Data

2-4. Inquiries or Complaints Concerning Retained Personal Data or Safety Management Measures

If you would like to submit an inquiry or complaint concerning personal data retained by our company or safety management measures, please send a letter to the following address or call. We may record the contents of letters or phone calls.

Requests in writing

Nissan Rental Car Solutions Co., Ltd.

1-1-1 Takashima, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan 220-8686

Requests by phone

Customer Support

Hours: Monday – Friday (excluding holidays ・ New Year’s) 9:00 – 18:00

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