- Special Offer for Hokkaido Traveler -

The "Hokkaido Expressway Pass" is a special product that allows unlimited use of Hokkaido’s expressways at through the ETC system, one flat rate.
ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) is a system which allows the use of an ETC card in properly equipped vehicles to pay expressway tolls through wireless communication to an antenna in the tollgate, without stopping.
This extremely convenient system bypasses the hassle of stopping to pay.

Service Period

~December 31, 2019


Consecutive Days

Regular Auto

2Days 3,700yen
3Days 5,200yen
4Days 6,300yen
5Days 6,800yen
6Days 7,300yen
7Days 7,800yen
8Days 8,400yen
9Days 8,900yen
10Days 9,500yen
11Days 10,000yen
12Days 10,500yen
13Days 11,000yen
14Days 11,500yen

Availability by Area

All expressways in Hokkaido

Handling Outlet(Hokkaido Expressway Pass)

Sapporo Station South Exit

Business hours:8:00~21:00

New Chitose Airport

Business hours:8:00~21:00 , 8:30~19:30(11/1~3/31)

Sapporo Station North Exit

Business hours:8:00~20:00

Sapporo Odori

Business hours:8:00~20:00

Asahikawa Airport

Business hours:9:00~19:30 , 9:00~18:00(11/1~3/31)

Asahikawa Station

Business hours:8:00~20:00 , 8:00~19:00(11/1~3/31)

Hakodate Airport

Business hours:8:00~20:00 , 8:00~19:00(11/1~3/31)

Hakodate Station

Business hours:8:00~20:00

Obihiro Airport

Business hours:9:00~19:30 , 9:00~18:00(11/1~3/31)

Kushiro Airport

Business hours:8:30~19:00

Memanbetsu Airport

Business hours:8:00~20:00 , 9:00~18:00(11/1~3/31)


The Hokkaido Expressway Pass is available only to visitors to Japan, who hold a passport other than Japanese.

However, Japanese citizens who have permanent residence in another country are also eligible.

Service information

  • ・In order to purchase Hokkaido Expressway Pass, Nissan Rent a Car's ETC card rental (324 JPY per rental / tax included) is required.
  • ・The possible renting period of ETC card is within two weeks.
  • ・Drop-off at different outlet is acceptable (Excluding non-handling outlets).
  • ・Credit card payment only.
  • ・A limited number of ETC card is available for rental. Advanced booking is highly recommended.
  • ・When making your reservation, be sure to indicate if you wish to use our ETC card rental service. If you already have your reservation, please notify us your reservation number.
  • ・Regarding the rate for Hokkaido Expressway Pass or other details, please refer to the website here.

HOKKAIDO EXPRESSWAY PASS - Special Offer for Hokkaido Traveler